Windmill Hill Bike Doctor
tel: 07587 223364

Welcome to my Windmill Hill Bike Doctor page. Please contact me by phone ( text is fine). Some days I am working at the bike project at Horfield Prison, so I may not be able to answer calls straight away- but you can leave a message , or leave a text. Please don't email, or facebook message me- it is much easier to manage one method  of contacting me rather than three!   Many thanks, Rich.

About me......

I am a Velotech qualified bicycle mechanic and have been running my own bicycle repair business, based in the heart of Windmill Hill, Bristol,  since March 2010. I am also involved with delivering City and Guilds level 1 and 2 in Bicycle Mechanics in conjunction with local cycling charity Life Cycle UK, and am also the volunteer co-ordinator for their prison based bike recycling scheme "Bike Back".  I have over 25 years of experience of working with bikes, and have had the pleasure of working on a wide range of bikes in that time, ranging from unicycles, through children's bikes, tandems, hybrids, folding bikes, vintage bikes, road bikes, tourers, mountain bikes, plus one wheel barrow ,a Pashley ice cream tricycle, two bikes with rod brakes, a couple of push chairs and  two wheel chairs !  I enjoy a challenge, such as stripping and rebuilding a vintage bike, but am equally happy when working on a more straightforward job - for example when setting up a hybrid bike to run sweetly.




Please feel free to contact me  with any requests for bike repairs from punctures to rebuilds! I aim to provide a quality service, at a fair price. Some of the benefits of booking your bike in with me include:
  • I treat every bike with the same care and attention to detail ( it is the small details that can make all the difference)
  • I will give free advice on the work that your bike will need, and give you a best estimate for the total cost of the work. You can then decide whether or not to go ahead.
  • I am happy to collect and deliver bikes if within walking distance.
  • I have flexible drop off and collection times including evenings and weekends( evenings up to 7.30pm)
  • I am  happy to book bikes in via e-mail

Price List

Silver  service- :£40  labour ( this normally takes between 2 and 3 hours) +parts

This service will ensure your bike is running smoothly and safely with properly adjusted brakes and gears, and all bearings adjusted correctly.

This service will include:
  • removing wheels to check bearing adjustment and trueness
  • adjusting wheel bearings and truing wheels as necessary
  • checking and, if necessary ,adjusting headset
  • cleaning and lubricating drive train- cogs/chain/chainrings
  • replacing inner gear cables  if required,and setting up gears
  • fitting new brake pads/ cables if required , and setting up  brakes
  • cleaning rims-this can drastically improve braking!
  • checking tyres pressures and condition
  • checking cranks, bottom bracket, pedals
  • test ride


Gold service- :£55 labour (this normally takes between 4 and 5 hours) +parts

This service gets right into the heart of your bike-and is recommended for bikes that have a heavy use- eg commuters, and also bikes that haven't had a service for a while.

This service will include:

  •  stripping hubs- cleaning,( or replacing ) bearings, refitting and adjusting
  • truing wheels ( if needed)
  • strip headset- clean and check bearings, regrease and re- assemble
  • check bottom bracket condition
  • cleaning and lubing drive train
  • fitting new stainless  gear cables  and setting up gears
  • fitting new stainless  brake cables (and pads if necessary) and setting up brakes
  • cleaning rims
  • checking tyre pressure and condition
  • checking cranks and pedals
  • test ride


stainless inner gear cables £2.00 each
stainless inner brake cables £2.00 each

pair of brake pads £5.00-£10.00 ( depending on type and quality)
disc brake pads from £10- £15 pair

inner tube £5.00
tyres-prices vary- starting from around £15( depending on quality -puncture proof tyres are a little more expensive)

7/8 speed cassettes- £20 ( shimano HG40)
7/8 speed KMC chain £10-£15
9 speed cassettes -£25 (shimano  HG50)
9 speed chain- £18-20 ( KMC/ SRAM)

Other stuff:

Specific  bike repairs such as wheel truing, rebuilds, stripping and replacing hub bearings etc 
 can be done for an agreed price, depending on what is required- but as a guide here are a few common ones:

puncture- checking tyre and rim, fitting new tube £10  ( includes new inner tube)
wheel truing £10 ( stainless spokes £1 each)
brake service £10 ( stainless brake cables £2, brake pads £4-£10 depending on what is required)
gear service £10 ( stainless gear cables £2)

Collection and delivery

I am very happy to collect and drop off bikes if within walking distance

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